Moving with a School Aged Child

When you are in the midst of hectic moving preparations and arduous moving-related tasks, it may be a bit difficult to lavish most of your attention on your kids, to spare the time to answer their endless questions and to find a way to ease their anxieties. However, to ensure the well-being and peace of... Continue Reading →

12 Tips for Hiring the Best Long Distance Moving Company

Just moving from one place to another can be a tough task at hand. But the task can become even more stressful and complicated when you have to move long distance. Here are some tips to help you choose the best long distance moving company for your needs. Find experienced movers: Try to find companies... Continue Reading →

Tips to help make moving house less stressful — Rachael’s thoughts…

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and can really put a major strain on relationships. The husband and I moved house recently and I thought I’d share some pearls of wisdom. We wouldn’t have been able to move and unpack so much without the help and support of both... Continue Reading →

6 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is a procedure in itself with so many things to think about that sometimes we forget certain details that become problems during the process. There are a lot of common problems that people make before they contact a moving company and these problems often times result in more and more problems. To avoid these... Continue Reading →

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